The Statement Boot

For Christmas I asked for these hot pink, shiny boots from Topshop, and *thankfully* got them. I was super excited when I finally opened these, but by the look on my family's face they definitely weren't too impressed. But when i went to the fashion mall the next day to shop I literally got stopped constantly by people saying they loved my shoes. My biggest fans were definitely the sephora workers, shout out to them, they're always the best.

Anyway, I'm not usually one for hot pink, typically I opt for dusty pink right now (my current obsession, hint the jacket) but these just spoke to me. For this 'fit I decided to go for a casual, black outfit so that the boots really stood out. Of course I did have my jacket which is also pink, but it's also one of the only ones I have at home with me while on break. You could definitely wear other bright colors like red or blue to pair with the boots or just keep it simple. Either way, I am very excited to wear these out next semester. 

*Products linked below

Lol when you look mad af 

Lol when you look mad af 

Jacket (same brand, but this jacket doesn't have the distressed look on the bottom, & they have grey!!)- POL Collection 

Jeans- BDG 

Top (similar to the one I got from H&M)- Lulu's

Boots- Topshop

Earrings- l.a. osborn

Necklace- Aldo