1 Bag 4 Ways

I recently bought this Cult Gaia bag, which lives to its name because it's a cult favorite. I had been eyeing it for months after seeing someone I follow on Instagram post it. I've already had a lot of compliments, and some weird stares, but this whole wood/wicker bag thing isn't going away, at least for this summer. May as well show people how they can style it (if you ask me, with anything, but that's not helpful). 




Sporting Event

Whether it's a professional game or your brother's soccer game at the church field, this is the perfect bag to bring with. The large size can hold your wallet, sunglasses, maybe a book for if you get bored, and some snacks because we all know you'll be hungry. I paired it with tennis shoes (duh), a striped tank bodysuit for when the sun is beating down on you for hours, and dark wash shorts. These shorts are high waist, but they're also long, which I think makes for a sportier look and something different than those 12 pair of booty shorts you own (which are totally justifiable, it's just nice to switch it up from time to time). But if you want to you can always roll them at the bottom and they also look good. I also added a small detail of long gold earrings, they're hard to see in the picture but just a simple touch of jewelry is enough. 




Everyone loves a good brunch, especially in the summer when you can sit outside. And a good bag is essential to brunching (don't ask why, it just is). I took this linen shirt and tied it up in the front and this material will allow you to breath in the heat. Then I paired that with high rise white shorts, a summer staple. Then add this grey suede choker, but don't tie it around more than a couple times, allow the ends to hang loose or even tied a knot half way down then let the rest hang. And lastly I have my favorite grey suede block heels. These are so easy to walk in and the ankle strap is super cute. 


Picnic in the Park

Spring, Summer, and even Fall days are spent having long walks and laying around at the pool and park. This outfit could work well for not only lying around in the park, but also even at barbecues or any chill day outside. The bag works well because, again, it can hold all of the essentials you'll need and even provide an ice breaker. I chose my favorite, beloved overalls that I thrifted years ago and are from Gap originally. Then I added this loose cotton baseball tee to layer underneath. And lastly my [very] worn out sandals. These are comfy, fit perfectly, and have just the slightest detail of the silver band around the toes. 


Nice Day/Night Out

I wasn't sure what to exactly title the theme of this one. It really could just go for anytime you want to dress a little nicer, i.e. going to brunch, dinner, the movies, a day out on the town! I love the juxtaposition of taking a nice outfit, one even dressier than this, and then having a bamboo bag to dress it down a bit. I took a clean, crips white shirt (supposed to be off the shoulder but it's not really) that also has this nice eyelet work at the bottom. I paired that with these tailored trousers, any nice, bright color would work well, and with these black mules. The mules' pearl detail adds a nice sophistication. Then to dress it down a bit more I would tie either a silk scarf or a bandana, like the one pictured. 

Where to Buy

The Bag: Size Large


Ribbed Bodysuit in Navy/Cream

Denim Shorts


Adidas (the adidas employee suggested I get a kids size so that it's cheaper so shoutout to him, otherwise just get women's gazelle),


Striped Linen Blouse- Similar

Shorts- Exact

Necklace- Exact, but different colors

Shoes- Similar Pointed Toe Version


Thirfted Gap Overalls

Cropped Baseball Tee- Similar

Sandals- As close to similar as I could find (but they do have the same jagged bottom and tan/Silver!)


Eyelet Top- Very Similar

Bandana Scarf- Same but different colors/patterns

Socks- Very Similar Style

Mules- Exact

Similar Styles of Pants that would look good- Striped, Drawstring, Tailored, Wild Card Yellow