pattern mixing

I used to never be one for playing around with pattern, or color for that matter. In high school it was just easier to stick to black and neutrals considering I gave myself roughly 8 minutes to get ready before heading to school. In the past couple of years, however, I've slowly been expanding my wardrobe to include more interesting items. 

I wanted to write up rules or guidelines for mixing patterns but then I figured I don't really follow them myself nor do I care. It shouldn't really matter, as long as what you're wearing looks good or interesting. TBH with this outfit, I need to probably give this shirt away, my boobs are far to big to really be fitting in it comfortably anymore. But these pants are brand spankin' new and I love them. They're tight, but not denim so they don't stretch. This results in my pockets of fat sort of showing, but I stopped caring long ago about what 'looks good on my body type'. I just love them so much because they're blue and white gingham and slightly frilly on the top. An A+ combo for sure. 

To wrap it all together, be bold, go for it. No one should hold you back in your all of your pattern (or color!) mixing glory. Scroll below for clothing credit. 

PC: Emma Osborn 


Top- Topshop (bought this a long time ago)

Pants- Topshop

Denim Jacket/Top- Thrifted

Slides- Office (bought at Topshop)

Bag- Cult Gaia