summer uniform

summer uniform 1
summer uniform 2
summer uniform 4

Every time summer comes around I get really excited thinking about the prospect of wearing shorts and basking in the sunlight. I think of all the rompers and shorts and dresses I can wear. 

But then summer actually begins and as soon as the heat and humidity are in full swing, I sort of regress and end up wearing some combo of jeans shorts and a t-shirt or tank top for about half of the days. Especially since for half the week I'll be working with kids and likely outside for half the day or more. I also hate spending money on clothing that I can only wear for the summer so I really don't have much to wear when it's really hot out except for basically this outfit. I mean this crop top could be worn out in the winter to a party with a some type of jacket thrown over too, but that's not everyone's cup of tea. 

But since I am also interning at PATTERN Magazine in Indianapolis, IN this summer for the other half of the week, at least I'll have an excuse to not be so lazy and make myself more presentable. 


Pictures taken by: my brother, Cameron Coppedge (he insisted on me giving him credit)


White Tank - Topshop (slightly different trim)

Jean Shorts - Gap (white version)

Belt - Goodwill

Sandals - Office (bought at Topshop)

Bag - Target, kids section 

Hoop Earrings - H&M

Anklet - I got when I was a child, most likely at some kitschy beach store while on vacation 

Necklace - Hand carved peach pit made by my great great uncle